Dep Bacelar

Federal deputy for Bahia

Bacelar is a federal deputy for Bahia, in his second term, re-elected with almost 150 thousand votes.

He is president of the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, where he has worked for the recovery of the sector, promoting meetings, public hearings and articulating with the Ministries of Economy, Tourism and, also, with the Brazilian Federation of Banks, the creation of a package of measures economic measures to save the sector's entrepreneurs.

He is president of the Mixed Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Creation of the Regulatory Framework for Games in Brazil and coordinator of the Games Working Group (PL 442/91). The bill, approved by the special committee in 2016, is ready for a vote in plenary, but the approved text needs updating. The PL creates the Regulatory Framework for Games in Brazil.

In addition, Bacelar presented, together with the members of the commission, a bill that updates the General Tourism Fund (Fungetur). The parliamentarian works for the expansion and updating of credit lines offered by the Federal Government through the National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses (Pronampe), and is against PL 2337/2, which changes the income tax for companies and individuals.

He is the author of the Moraes Moreira Law (PL 4219/20), which creates emergency aid for carnival and São João workers who were harmed by the Covid-19 pandemic.