Johnny Ortiz

Founder of Zitro

Zitro was founded in 2007 and with its creation a new chapter in the global gaming industry was opened. Johnny Ortiz, founder of Zitro, spread his knowledge and ideas to several countries while gradually expanding the company around the world. Starting with video bingo, the company has been able to continually advance and expand its product range.

At the beginning of 2016, Zitro ushered in a new era with the introduction of the first Video-Slot games, its system for individual BET bingo rooms, as well as its commitment to intensify its focus on the online market. All this allows the company to compete and grow in other market segments, with the vision of becoming a global leader in the gaming industry.

Zitro started its activities in the industry with a strong commitment to innovation, with spectacular and expressive recognition from its customers, as well as from the national and international media. In fact, since its foundation, the company has continuously progressed, sustaining its development by constantly investing in Research, Development and Innovation. This resulted in the profound change that the company brought to the market through its modernization.

Today, Zitro is a world leader in the gaming industry. It has conquered some of the most diverse markets and is recognized as a point of reference in technology, innovation and profitability around the world. Zitro stands out from the competition due to its modernization capacity and the use of cutting-edge technology. Although what really sets Zitro apart from the rest is its team of super talented professionals.

The Zitro team is able to create great ideas and then turn them into great products.