Fernando Garita

Diretor de Desenvolvimento de Negócios - Bectris

Senior executive, with more than 19 years in the development of projects in the gaming industry in
areas such as customer service at different levels coordination, hiring and training
customer service teams via chat, in technical support and training for operations in
Latin America, Asia and the Philippines. Proven experience in Business Development, making
international alliances with prestigious brands in the sector in the region and evaluating
proposals from suppliers and recognized for having a business vision, excellent
negotiator in complex scenarios and specialist in opening new markets.
A solid career and international recognition allowed him to manage relationships
with regulators, governments and state lotteries, becoming the main
point of contact and corporate representative of the company and the relationship of these entities
government, including participation in government technical committees of various
countries sharing their expertise in digital products.
The experience of many years in different areas and countries allowed him to generate great
skills such as analytical thinking, vision-oriented and goal-oriented, great
acumen to negotiate, solve problems and guide the company on the right path,
enter new markets, combining its experience in the area with the planning of the
company’s strategy, taking on the challenge of new markets and thus being able to study
constantly trends it.