Iuri R. Castro

Subsecretário de Advocacia da Concorrência e Competividade Ministério da Economia

Iuri Ribeiro, is a Civil Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

(UFRGS), Master in Business Administration/Marketing by the Postgraduate Program
Degree in Business Administration (PPGA/UFRGS) and Doctor in Business Economics from the

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain. Career Employee of the Box,
having worked in the service network, regional superintendence and in several areas of
headquarters. He has been working in the lottery area for over 20 years, having participated in several
projects such as the creation of Mega da Virada, Bolão CAIXA, special
Quina and Lotofácil, Lucky Day etc. He also had a relevant contribution in the
inside the box. He was National Superintendent of Organizations, Governance and
Processes and also Director at CAIXA Loterias. Since 2021 he works in the area of
regulation of Lotteries of the Ministry of Economy, having assumed the
Undersecretariat for Special Affairs, Lottery and SPA in May/2022.