Jaques Reolon

Lawyer and Economist - Jacoby & Reolon

Jaques Fernando Reolon is president of the National Association of Lawyers in the Courts of Auditors of Brazil – ANATRICON and vice-president of Jacoby Fernandes & Reolon Advogados Associados. He is a lawyer, economist, consultant, lecturer, lecturer, specialist in Administrative Law, Master in Public Administration, doctoral candidate in Constitutional Law. Author of books and articles related to public management. He has solid experience in analyzing bidding processes and contracts, personnel, taking and rendering annual accounts, taking special accounts, audits and inspections of Internal and External Control. He has held various positions in court of accounts, such as Advisor to Counselor, Chief Advisor to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Executive Secretary to the Public Ministry, among others. He is active in the Third Sector segment and author of the books Organizações Sociais, OSCIPS, OES and Self-Management Entities and Supervisory Boards, both published by Editora Fórum.